Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival

The Sunshine Coast, the perfect backdrop, for a event night of fashion. With the #SCFF proudly displayed at the entrance even the rain couldn’t dampen the event. Luckily the organizers were on the weather chart when planning the event and opted for the undercover at the Event Centre in Caloundra for its third time to hold an event of this magnitude.

The International Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival is a one-day fashion event that hosts a runway show for designers and labels in Queensland. The Event celebrated their 10th year on the runway and is now also Internationally recognized. The event is a force in the field in fashion and looks to be the benchmark for more designers to showcase their labels and new fashion to the public.

It is an event set as the Sunshine Coast’s premier fashion event, which also presents awards to the designers for their outstanding fashion. It’s the labels that make the show and they included from the swim wear range designers, Sunman, Allerton, Sunflair, Lunsar Sand, Opera, Indrah, Sandy Feet and Active wear designer Movment and Arvia Active. The ready to wear/Resort and Couture designers featured were Myer, NVK Daydoll, Et Cetera Woman, Why Mary, Myer Miss Shop, Coral & Co Australia, Mini Raxevsky, Chelsea May, Amalina Aman, Maschek, Nadz & Sabs, Nicola Finetti, Oliver James Couture, Judy Copley Couture and Ali Charisma Couture.

As the event started the swim wear is what brings us all in closer, as we admire the models from all different sizes and ages, for their courage to flaunt the labels in their bodies for us to inspire to wear. Allerton was the more sophisticated swim line for the women with black and clean lines and and Sunman for the man, with shorts and trunks to keep the guys looking good. Lunar Sand was a hit with the young, playful and fun designs for the ladies to wear to the beach.

The line-up for ready to wear/ resort and Couture featured my favourite pieces by Why Mary being the more relaxed styles and colour that was suited to my skin tone. The pieces were flowing and easy to slip into for a casual look and attracted my attention. Judy Copley Couture cannot be said about, whether your into the formal and designer couture or not, this label certainly drew attention for their perfectly fitted dresses and immaculately designed. If I had a chance to wear a dress from Judy Copley Couture I wouldn’t hesitate.

With 24 designer labels on show for the event, you were sure to find something that truly caught your eye and that you just wanted to have.

Caloundra in Queensland has a beauty in itself with beaches around the coastline from Moffat Beach, Shelley Beach, Dicky Beach and the Events Centre just minutes away from Bullcock Beach. The Events Centre has been the home for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival for the 3 years now and it looks set to keep it.

Fashion is in our history and in our future, wherever you look there is fashion on you or around you in your home. The Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival will no doubt grow with designers and labels becoming a must see Queensland event guide of fashion. They are all thinking of new and innovative ways to encourage you to wear their clothes or get you excited to want to wear their designs. The Sunshine Coast having events such as this, is to showcase the extraordinary work from designers and labels and create fashion for all of us to enjoy every day.

I have been to a few fashion events in the past few years and having gone to this fashion event for the first time, I can only imagine it to be bigger and better every year. The focus is always the fashion and getting people excited about the fashion is the key to any long-term event with clothing. With the Sunshine Coast being a vast mega beach destination, the fashion month of October will be a destination that fashion lovers will flock to every year for the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival.

Article written by

Cornelia Bassham

Yolo Events Magazine.

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