Markets by the Brisbane river

If you have a love for Markets events on the weekends, the Davies Park Markets in West End is situated up on the park area along the Brisbane riverbank. You wouldn’t be able to get a full scale of  the Davies Park Markets just by driving past, but the Market follows the footpath and winds down to the end of the park itself shaded by the giant trees.

The West End Market is the first market event that I have been to in a while that really has a collection of stalls that would impress and satisfy everyone that comes to West End. You can find the fresh seafood under their blue tents, and an assortment of fresh vegetables (affordable), fresh meat van, freshly made juices for the family, all the crafts from clothes and bedding linen and some furniture (vintage too), a few relaxation and mediation stalls and beauty treatments for ladies wanting eyebrow waxing, jewellery and many others that are one of a kind, exotic and wonderful.

So Saturday’s can be different to going to the Markets, as it’s not your usual Saturday stroll with the family, but never the less it’s going somewhere different for mum and dad to do their shopping. Just head down towards the riverbank to the boat ramp on Montague Road and Jane Street from 6am to 2pm where the big fig trees are standing generating a good source of relief for event stalls from the sun in summer.

You can stay connected with the West End community and the Davies Park Markets through their website to see notice boards on their page. The Davies Park West End Market also provides “not for profit” organisations free stalls as there is no limit to the number of stalls available on site. Help the locals and stop and say “Hello” to the many stall holders providing a Market event for everyone to enjoy.

Article written by

Cornelia Bassham

Yolo Events Magazine –  Editor