About 38 km from Rockhampton sits a beautiful breezy coastal town of Yeppoon that throws a big community beach party for Australia Day for its locals.

During any other normal day, Yeppoon is a quiet small town with locals going on with their daily activities. But on the 26th of January the population grows with locals in Rockhampton and from the 150 km stretch of the Capricorn Coast flock to this secret little hideaway in their patriotic attire to join in on the day’s festive activities.

As the morning sun climbs higher eskys (cooler boxes) are dragged down the main street with marques over one’s shoulder searching for an ideal location to set up for the long day ahead.

The Great Australian Day Beach Party runs along the main beach road with market stalls, an amphitheatre where there is entertaining throughout the day, the play ground water park for the little ones and of course a beautiful stretch of beach where most of the activities are done.

A nice cool breeze swept in offshore to neutralize the heat so you could just laze around all day if you wanted to, or stroll around the town and do some shopping in the local boutiques. With so many things to do, even the Rockhampton Grammar school transported a bus full of students down for the event.

I was really impressed with the endless 10 hours of entertainment and activities, I loved the ice cream eating competition and the live music act was great.

My favourite part of the day was everyone standing up at the end of night singing our great national anthem before a spectacular fireworks show lit up the night, that really made me feel so lucky and proud to be an Australian citizen of this great nation of ours.

I have celebrated Australia Day at huge and spectacular events all over Brisbane with thousands and thousands of people, but to travel 656 km to a small town like Yeppoon to experience a patriotic moving moment was something.

What I experienced and got out of this day was that it was really a family orientated patriotic event set on one of Australia’s most beautiful location that I only just discovered one month ago, and now on my second visit and many more to come.

Words by

Villiare B