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Logan City's Eats n Beats

These days there is so much

 going on everywhere that event organisers and the local councils must come up with different ideas or add a little twist into their events to attract people to its community.

Food plays a big part in our lives and communities, as our suburbs grow in multiculturalism our taste buds and minds become open to an array of different pallets. Restaurants opening around us with exotic, innovated, and gourmet menus.

Organized by the Logan City Council the Eats n Beats is one that hopes to draw you in.

Speaking to some of the local council and elected members last year, it was said that the idea of Eats and Beats was to promote their love of Logan City. Bringing people from other regions to see what Logan city is all about, and wash out the negative stereotype that people view and see Logan is a great and safe place to visit and live.

Food and music is what Eats n Beats is all about, the event features food stalls on wheels (food vans) and music performance by local musicians on stage and all sorts of entertainment on stage for kids too.

You might say, So what?

Well, Eats and Beats has a twist, during the December months when the event is on, this mini rock show picks up and moves location around the Logan City Region showcasing like a traveling circus.

Locations include Beenleigh, Beaudesert, Logan Hyperdome and other suburbs, giving you a different event location. It has great food, live music and entertainment, kid’s activities and the crowd puller being the relocating address giving visitors a different atmosphere every time.

Since its successful launch in 2015 and now in its second year, I say “Well-done Logan City” and to the Logan City community, give yourself a pat on the back because the attendance and support from the community is what has made Eats n Beats a success.

Words by

Villiare B

Eats n Beats at Logan Hyperdome.

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